Title Transfer Application

What you will need to collect before starting:

  • Resort Property Information (Unit / Weeks)
  • Current Owner Information (Name & Contact Info)
  • New Owner Information (Name, Relation, & Contact Info)

If you do not have the information above, please callĀ (407)373-7474.

What to expect:

  • Deeded transfer fees starts at $325.00 depending on level of service you request.
  • This process typically takes on average 34 minutes to complete
  • You will be directed through each step (listed to the right)
  • If you cannot complete everything now, you can save your progress and come back later.
  • Important: Completing this form is just the beginning of this process. Upon completion you will see a timeline of next steps of what it will take to complete the transfer of the title.

You must agree to the following to continue:

All parties that are going on title are at least 18 years of age.
There are no outstanding loans on the property.
All maintenance fees, taxes, and dues are paid and current
I have read, understand, and agree to the Privacy Policy & Terms of Service.

Identify Resort Property
Current Owners
New Owners
New Title Details
Fee Information
Notification Settings
Application Fee Summary
Marketing Referral
Review Application
Submit Application

Have Questions?

Look for information icons throughout the process for helpful tips along the way.